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Support for Cylinders

Here you can find all the FAQ's for support with your Cylinders.

Getting Started and Basic Functionality

    What size euro cylinder do I need?

    Measure from the middle of the current lock to find out the required sizes:  eg.  Internal Length (A) 40mm / External Length (B) 50mm, the internal size is always stated first in the product description.

    Euro profile cylinder locks are a convenient way to change your keys without having to replace the entire lock and can be fitted in minutes without the need for any special tools or equipment.  It is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the security rating of your property.

    What is the Key Card supplied with the lock?

    Keep the key card in a safe place as it provides the code to get more keys cut without having to present the existing key.

    What is a Euro profile cylinder?

    A Euro profile cylinder is a type of cylinder used with mortice locks and are frequently found on UPVC or composite multi-point door locks.  There are various types, all using the same profile:  double cylinder (opened by key from both sides, ideal for glazed doors); Euro cylinder with Thumbturn (key from outside, thumbturn inside, ideal for solid doors without large glass panels); single cylinder or half cylinder (lockable by key from the outside only, for store cupboards or garages etc.)

    How do you remove a lock from a UPVC door?

    The Euro profile cylinder in a UPVC or composite multi point door lock can be removed by undoing one screw that is level with the cylinder.  Refer to the How to video for further instructions.

    What is the best anti snap lock?

    The Yale Platinum 3 star Euro cylinder lock has been approved to TS007:2014 3 star rating, the highest level of certification currently available making them one of the best high security euro cylinder locks available.  This Yale euro cylinder is endorsed by the Police Secure by design scheme and British Standards Kitemark to provide anti snap lock protection for your property.

    When should a cylinder with thumb turn be installed?

    Ideal for convenient locking inside the property without the key and recommended for designated fire escape doors.

    Is a dimple key more secure?

    Traditional saw tooth keys can be copied by a simple impression in plasticine, but dimple keys need specialist equipment to read the various cuts along the key blade.

    What is the maximum length the cylinder should protrude from the handle?

    For security purposes, ideally no more than 3mm.

    What is a dimple key?

    It uses the flat side of the key blade with a combination of dimple cuts to engage with pins located on the inside and can be used in any orientation.

    What is lock snapping?

    Lock snapping is a criminal attack method that targets Euro cylinders in a door. Some can be defeated in under 10 seconds.

    What is the sacrificial section?

    Designed to withstand a robust lock snapping attack but also engineered with a failsafe that will prevent the lock from being operated from the outside.

    What temperature extremes has the product been tested to withstand?

    Designed to resist 20/+80 degrees temperature extremes.