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Everyday Use with Yale Wi-Fi Bridges

Here you can find the answers about Everyday Use with:

  • Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.
  • Yale ConnectX


  • How Do I Access My Yale Lock Remotely

    The Yale Home App will seamlessly connect over the best method available, choosing between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi automatically. Simply open the app and navigate to your lock screen and the Yale Home App will do the rest for you.

    The icon in the upper right of the lock screen indicates how you are currently connected to your lock.

  • Can I add a Yale Wi-Fi Bridge to a Lock after the lock is already set up?

    Yes. Yale Wi-Fi Bridges requires an active compatible Yale Smart Lock for initial setup. If you have been accessing your Yale Smart Lock via Bluetooth only and would like to access it from a remote location, you will need to add a Yale Wi-Fi bridge.

  • What types of Wi-Fi networks do the Yale Wi-Fi Bridges support?

    Yale Wi-Fi Bridges supports 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi networks.

  • How close does my Yale Wi-Fi Bridge need to be to my Yale Smart Lock for optimum performance?

    This is dependent on the model of Yale Wi-Fi bridge that you have:

    • The Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge works optimal within 4 meters of your Yale Smart Lock
    • The Yale ConnectX Wi-Fi bridge works optimal within 10 meters of your Yale Smart Lock

    Optimal performance and reliability is always depending multiple factors such as obstacles blocking the frequency and different communication signals in the house 

  • What power range do Yale Wi-Fi Bridges support?

    Yale Wi-Fi Bridges support 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 0.1A.