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How to Install: Yale Linus® - Euro Cylinder

These steps will help with the installation of the Linus® Smart Lock.

Euro Profile/DIN Cylinder Lock

This page will guide you through installing your Linus lock onto a compatible Euro Profile cylinder. If you need information on whether your cylinder is compatible, you can find it here. If you need instructions on installing the Yale Linus® adjustable cylinder, they can be found here.

There are two ways to install the Linus lock, depending on whether your cylinder sticks out from your door furniture on the inside of your door by at least 3mm (see video on the right). Based on that, please select the relevant option below:

Cylinder sticks out 3mm or more

This video will take you through the installation process, written instructions are also available below.

Download the Yale Home App

Please continue with setup of the Linus® unit by downloading the Yale Home App.

Installation Preparation

Here you can see which components are included in the box and which tools you need to complete the installation of your new Yale Linus lock.

  • Components included in box

    The box contains the following components:

    • Yale Linus
    • Backplate
    • Thumbturn follower
    • Batteries
    • Allen key
    • Adhesive pad
    • Two sets of cylinder screws (long and short)
    • Doorsense Magnet
  • Standard installation - Tools

    For a standard installation, the tools required are:

    • A pozidriv screwdriver
    • Masking tape
    • Screw Cutting Tool
    • Tape measure

Installation Step-by-step

Step. 1. Unpack Linus®

Take the Linus® unit out of the box and open the wings to remove the mounting plate.

Step 2. Install the Mounting Plate on the Door

Add the mounting plate onto the internal side of your existing cylinder. You may need to loosen the grub screws (the screws on the mounting plate that go around the cylinder) in order to secure the plate properly. This can be done using the Allen key that is provided in the box. Once the plate is on the cylinder, tighten the screws back up holding the short end of the Allen key.

Step 3.

Insert the key into the inside of your cylinder.

Step 4. Attach Linus® to the Mounting Plate

Mount the Linus® unit onto the mounting plate pushing the top of the unit onto the mounting plate first.

Step 5. Secure Linus® to the Door

Close the ‘wings’ on the Linus® unit to securely fix it in place.

Step 6. Place DoorSense™

Stick the DoorSense™ magnet on the door frame, level with the Yale logo on the Linus® Smart Lock.