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Troubleshooting your Yale Smart Video Doorbell

Troubleshooting FAQ

  • My Yale Smart Video Doorbell will not connect to my Wi-Fi network?

    Please make sure that your router is using 2.4vGHz frequency, Yale Smart Video Doorbell does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

  • My Yale Smart Video Doorbell keeps disconnecting from my Wi-Fi network, why?

    Try to move your Yale Smart Video Doorbell and router closer to each other. If you are using a mesh network, please make sure that the unit is connecting to the closest mesh node.

  • I have forgotten my user / account password to the Yale Home app?

    No, the Yale Smart Video Doorbell only has Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with 2.4 GHz networks.

  • Battery life on the Yale Smart Video Doorbell is not according to my expectations?

    If you have your Yale Smart Video Doorbell pointing at a very busy area this can affect the battery life. To improve this you can change the settings for Motion Sensitivity or choose only to detect objects and not all motion. There is also an option to try and point the camera to only view the desired area and try to avoid streets in the background. WIthin the Yale Home app, adjust the image detection zone accordingly.  The outside temperature is also something that affects battery life, in very cold environments the battery will drain quicker. Another aspect is the Wi-Fi connection, if the connection is poor then it will also have a negative impact on the battery life.

  • After installing my Yale Smart Video Doorbell, the old mechanical chime is making buzzing noise?

    Rebooting the device momentarily disconnects the internal battery.

    You can reboot from within the settings menu in the Yale Home app or you can do this via the Yale Smart Video Doorbell itself. 

    From the Yale Home App: Press the gear icon to navigate to the settings page, scroll down to Utilities and select Restart Device. This will restart the unit remotely, the outer ring of the Doorbell will begin blinking green when it has been successfully restarted. 

    From the Yale Smart Video Doorbell: On the Smart Video Doorbell you will need to use the metal security pin (supplied in the box) or a needle to push the small button located next to the power button on the rear of the unit.

  • How do I perform a hardware reset of the Yale Smart Video Doorbell?

    A hardware reset returns the Smart Video Doorbell back to factory settings, but maintains existing registration to a current users account. On the back of Yale Smart Video Doorbell you will find the on/off button, press and hold this button for approximately 12 seconds, you will hear a beep, now you can release the button. The LED ring around the Doorbell button will flash red/green, remain off for one second followed by a steady flashing green, this indicates that the Doorbell has successfully reset and re-booted.

    If the Yale Smart Video Doorbell has been assigned to a users account, the hardware factory reset does not remove the unit  from the ecosystem, data and recorded videos will remain in the Yale Home app/cloud as well as the cameras registration to the existing users account. After a hardware factory reset, the unit can be set up again to a new home or  Wi-Fi network, but only when using the existing owners account that it is registered to. This means for example, that a stolen camera can't be onboarded and registered to a new account.  

    To set up the Yale Smart Video Doorbell to a new user account, the owner account linked to the unit needs to unregister the device (SETTINGS>UTILITIES>REMOVE DEVICE ) in the Yale Home app.