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Unlock a world of possibilities and be in full control of your smart home security with Yale and Homey

Homey is an integrated Smart Home hub that links to smart devices from leading brands like Fibaro, Sonos, Somfy, tado°, Samsung, Philips Hue, and now, Yale!

With the Yale Home app for Homey, simply manage these devices from your phone, tablet, or web browser and enjoy full connectivity as you go about your day.

Homey is powered by versatility and can use Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, 433Mhz, Bluetooth, and even Infrared to control, automate and monitor your entire smart home. For hassle-free entry, ditch your keys forever with the Linus® Smart Lock!  The awkward key fumble as you return home will become a thing of the past, while the Linus® integration with Homey will offer additional smart home functionalities.

Make Your Home More Secure

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is secure 24/7 by combining the Linus® Smart Lock, the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and Homey for the highest level of protection. Make your alarm smarter by pairing it to Linus® using Homey! Now, it can be armed or disarmed based on your presence, as long as it supports human sensing technology. The Yale Linus® Smart Lock also comes with an auto-lock function that can be paired with the rest of your home security, so you can go about your day knowing your home is fully protected. To get the most out of your smart video doorbell, you can use Homey to create a Flow so that, when the doorbell is pressed, it then sends a picture of the person at your door right to your phone via push notification. With Linus® and Homey, all you need is the touch of a button to open the door to any friendly face!

Conexis L1 App

Use Homey to create Flows that connect your Linus® Smart Lock with all the smart devices in your home for the ultimate smart home experience. Program your door to automatically lock at a certain time of the day, or to lock the door when you leave and unlock it when you return home thanks to Homey’s geofencing feature and track daily door activity in the app. Using Google Assistant or Alexa, easily control your smart lock and check its lock status via voice command, or be greeted by a list of reminders or calendar events.* Looking to impress your friends? Homey can be programmed to switch on the lights and play a mood-setting playlist on your favourite smart-speaker once Linus® unlocks the door. Granting you a safer, truly connected smart home.

*Integrations with voice assistants must be activated via the Yale Home app.

Yale View App

Giving guests access to your home is now easier than ever! Need to let a babysitter, or dog walker into your home? Just share virtual keys with them via the Yale Home app, or invite them into your home with Homey! Once they are invited in, guests can control Linus® directly from Homey’s Devices screen, along with any other linked devices like lights, thermostats, and more.Linus® talks with Homeyto allow you to connect your smart lock to various devices and control them all easily.