6 Pin Euro Cylinder - Keyed Alike

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6 Pin Euro Cylinder - Keyed Alike
• Same-Key Convenience - fewer keys to find or carry • Snap Protection - sacrificial cuts and hardened steel bar • Anti-Pick Defence - includes four anti-pick pins at each end • Anti-Bump Resistance - uses 'V-Pins' to resist lock-bumping • Anti-Drill Shielding - possesses anti-drill pins and balls • High Security Key - combines dimples and groove with 100,000 differs • British Standard Kitemark - assurance of quality and peace of mind • 10 Year Guarantee - long mechanical guarantee
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Same-key convenience with high security! Pair of high security euro profile cylinder locks - ideal for double doors, front/back and porch/front combinations. Protects against Lock Snapping, Lock Bumping, Lock Picking, Plug Pulling, Lock Extraction and Lock Drilling. What size do you need? To determine required size you must remove the cylinder and measure along the side. • Put your key in the lock and open the door. • Remove the screw which is beneath the latch on edge of door. • Turn key while apply pressure to the opposite end of cylinder. Cam will line up with lock and you will be able to pull the cylinder out towards yourself. • Measure from the end of the cylinder to the centre of the Fixing Hole, to give the first measurement (a) • Measure from the centre of the Fixing Hole to the other end of the cylinder, to give the second measurement (b) If measurement a = 35mm and measurement b = 45mm then the size required is referred to as 35/45 (80mm overall).