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FAQ about Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2


  • In what scenario will my lock cylinder need to be replaced?

    Although we try to be compatible with as many locks as possible, if you have a Euro profile/DIN cylinder there is a chance that you may need to change the cylinder. If you find you need a replacement cylinder we have a fully adjustable cylinder specifically for your Linus L2 Smart Lock. Please find more information here. The Yale Linus adjustable cylinder can be purchased from our Yale Online store.

  • How do I change the Lock sound?

    It is not possible to change the sounds that a Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2 makes. If you would prefer the Smart Lock to not omit a sound, you can turn the sound off in the Yale Home App:

    1. Open the Yale Home App
    2. Go to Lock Settings, if you have multiple locks, please select the lock for which you want to change the settings.
    3. Toggle Lock Sounds OFF

    You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to modify this setting.

  • My guest received the SMS invitation, but my property does not appear in their keychain?

    If your guest received an SMS invitation from you, but after setting up their Yale Home account they do not see your property in their Yale Home app keychain, there may be an inconsistency between the number you sent the invite to and the number the guest created their account with. If this happens, ensure that the numbers match by cross-referencing the number you sent the invite to with the one on the new account. If the numbers do not match, delete the invitation and resend it to the number in their account. The guest should then find the property in the keychain.

  • How many properties and devices can I have attached to my account?

    Technically, there is no limit to the number of properties on one Yale Home Account. If you have multiple properties, you can create these as individual houses (and give each house a different name) in your Yale Home App. Each property added will extend the list of houses in your keychain and you will need to scroll down the list to access them. Similarly, there is no limit to the number of devices that you can add to a property.

  • Is the technology hackable?

    Yale takes security very seriously as it has done since the 1860s beginning with physical locks. We take all reasonable care to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of collected data and personal identifiable information are kept in accordance with legislation and best practice. We deploy industry-standard security and we engage third-party security partners to review/test our products, taking all reasonable care to ensure our products are safe and secure. Yale will not openly discuss in detail the methods engaged to secure our systems and our customer’s data. Doing so may inadvertently give vital information to ‘would-be’ attackers.

  • Does the Linus® Smart Lock L2 fit over an existing cylinder?

    There are a couple of different options for installing the Yale Linus L2® Smart Lock, as below:

    • If you have a Nordic-style lock on your door, we supply the correct components to mean that the Linus product should in most cases screw directly into your lock case.
    • If you have a Euro profile/DIN cylinder lock, you may well be able to install the Linus lock over your existing cylinder. To double-check this, please go to our compatibility checker.
    • If you have a 22mm Round Cylinder/Swiss lock, you can install the lock using the included adhesive backer. 
  • How will I know if the batteries in my Linus® Smart Lock L2 need to be charged?

    Once a lock’s battery reaches 20% capacity, a low-battery notification appears on your phone’s unlock screen. You may wish to recharge the battery when you first see this notification. If you don’t recharge the battery at this time, you will receive daily emails and push notifications as the battery approaches a critical level. Should you receive these notifications, it is imperative that you recharge the battery. After fully recharging the battery, operate your lock 3 times using the Yale Home App. This should reset the battery level on our server to stop the low-battery alerts until the next time the battery reaches 20% capacity.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must operate the lock over Bluetooth or remotely via WiFi. Operating your lock manually will not stop the low-battery notifications.

    If the app continues to report a low battery 24 hours after recharging the battery and operating the lock via the app, please reach out to your regional Customer Support to confirm whether the alert you are receiving is false or if there’s something else causing the batteries to drain rapidly. Our Customer Support team will assist you with the next steps.

  • What is the expected battery life of the Linus® Smart Lock L2?

    The battery lifetime is dependent on the number of turns per locking, the smoothness of the door opening, the number of openings per day, and signal strength.

    Based on normal usage, the battery will last up to 6 months.

  • How easy is the Linus® Smart Lock L2 to install?

    The Linus® Smart Lock L2 is designed to offer hassle-free installation. As part of this, there is no drilling or damage to the door, with step-by-step instructions provided. (less than 3 minutes on a compatible cylinder).

  • Where do I find information about my warranty?

    Full details of the warranty offered on your product can be found here. (links to terms and conditions in legal guarantee UK example -

  • Can I connect the Linus® Smart Lock L2 to any other smart products from Yale?

    The Yale Home app enables you to connect and control all your Yale smart security devices (Yale Smart Locks, Yale Smart Indoor and Outdoor Cameras and Smart Video Doorbell, Yale Smart Alarm, Yale Smart Storage solutions, and Yale Smart Gate and Garage Opener) from a single app.

    This allows for a fully customizable smart home ecosystem that works together seamlessly; for example, your Smart Alarm can disarm the entire house, or particular areas within your home, and your Smart Indoor Camera can go into privacy mode the moment your door is unlocked using Linus® Smart Lock L2, and record again once you head back out.

  • What methods can be used to operate the Linus® Smart Lock L2, for example, can I use a key card, fob, or code?

    The Linus® Smart Lock L2 can be operated via the Yale Home App, you can allow App access to guests via virtual keys (the properties listed in the keychain).

    Pin Code access is possible if a Yale Smart Keypad is installed.

    Access is also possible via the Yale Dot, and for emergency situations, a mechanical key can be used. 

  • What third-party integrations does the Linus® Smart Lock L2 support?

    Connect your Linus® Smart Lock L2 with leading voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Airbnb, and Philips Hue smart lighting. Allowing you to customize your configuration to suit your lifestyle.

  • How do I access my Linus® Smart Lock L2 remotely?

    You will need to connect your Linus® Smart Lock L2 via WiFi to your home network and be an Owner to operate the Linus L2 lock remotely. The Yale Home App will seamlessly connect over the best method available, choosing between Bluetooth and WiFi automatically. Simply open the app and navigate to your lock screen and the Yale Home app will do the rest for you.

    The icon in the upper right of the lock screen indicates how you are currently connected to your lock.