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How To: Increase Your Front Door Security

Black door with increased front door security using the Yale 3-Star Platinum Cylinder lockBlack door with increased front door security using the Yale 3-Star Platinum Cylinder lock

Increasing your front door security has never been more important. Recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that in 2021, there were a staggering 265,508 burglaries that took place in England and Wales – with further research suggesting that only five per cent of burglaries are ever solved. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top recommendations for increasing your home security starting with the front door.

The ‘key’ to securing your home

Lock snapping continues to be a common threat for homeowners across the country, with ‘blowtorch burglaries’ being another strong contender. This prevalent technique is being used across the UK and involves using a blowtorch to burn away the casing of a door to reach the cylinder, with the aim to break in. Although nothing can protect against burning the door casing, one of the most effective and affordable ways of easily upgrading your front door security is by opting for a high security cylinder.

The Yale Platinum 3-Star Cylinder is the perfect solution. This high security cylinder has been specially designed to offer protection from Anti-Bump, Anti-Pull, Anti-Pick and Anti-Drill burglary attack methods. Even if a ‘blowtorch burglary’ method is used, the opportunistic thief would not be able to gain access to your home through breaking the lock. This ensures that, should you be the unlucky victim of an attack, your door can offer superior protection against a variety of techniques. What’s more, the Yale Platinum 3-Star Cylinder is approved by the TS007 British Standard, offering the highest level of certification available, and is approved by the Secured by Design scheme. This provides a further stamp of approval for your front door security.

Can CCTV footage be used as evidence? 

It’s not just upgrading your locks that can increase your front door security, installing outdoor security cameras is another effective way of protecting your home. Many opportunistic thieves will choose to steer clear of a property that has visible CCTV or security cameras in place, being a particularly effective visual deterrent. Although this may not always stop an attack, in the event that you are a target of a break-in and the offender is identified, the footage could be later used in court as evidence.

If you decide to opt for security cameras, we would recommend choosing cameras with a high quality resolution. The Smart Home HD1080 CCTV kits from Yale offer 1080p High-Definition video quality, in-app control and intelligent detection, along with a 20m night vision which allows you to check-in on your home from anywhere at any time. With the ability of controlling your device from your smartphone, these home security cameras provide the ultimate convenience and peace of mind that your home is secure.

Ensure insurance is front of mind

Whilst upgrading your locks and installing outdoor security cameras is great way of keeping thieves at bay, it’s essential that, should the worst happen, your insurance claim will be accepted.

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's house and assets within the home. Most insurers will clarify this in their terms and conditions, but they will likely expect that your front door security is up to par and that you are using locks that comply to British Standards BS3621. When opting for a higher security cylinder from a trusted home security brand, you may even be rewarded with cheaper home insurance premiums, as you will be less at risk of being burgled. Your insurer will also provide you with a list of requirements i.e. utilising your home alarm system, using external lights etc., which you must follow to ensure your claim will be accepted if you’re the unlucky target of an attack.

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