National Home Security Month 2020!

Week 3 - You call it home, we keep it monitored

Throughout week three, NHSM will give UK homeowners the lowdown on how they can use alarms and CCTV to help them keep an eye on their homes – no matter where they are in the world.

There are various different types of alarm and CCTV systems that can be tailored to suit the exact security requirements of your home set up. 

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Week 4 - You call it home, we keep it smart

Week four looks at the growing smart security industry and provides insight into how connected devices can keep homes secure at the touch of a button, with added peace of mind thanks to remote access.

Designed to work together, the range of Yale smart products, operate as standalone security solutions or can connect with each other and our trusted partners. These smart products include Smart locks, Smart alarms, Smart CCTV and Smart indoor cameras.

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Week 5 - You call it home, we keep it protected

Then finally, week five provides seasonal advice to coincide with an increase in thefts and domestic damage around Halloween and Bonfire Night. This week NHSM will be focussing on the best tips and tricks for securing homes and keeping loved ones safe during the dark winter nights.

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Week 1 - You call it home, we keep it locked

The first week will introduce NHSM and provide advice to raise awareness around door security; from information on the latest security standards to the lowdown on the best products to help homeowners keep their homes safe from break-ins.

One of the most important parts of home security is your front door, so ensuring you have correct cylinder, nightlatch, mortice or smart lock on your front door is best practice. 

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Week 2 - You call it home, we keep it safe

From choosing the best hiding places to keep valuables protected in a security safe, to the top choices for indoor cameras, the second week of NHSM delves into indoor security.

Making sure you store away high value items, jewellery and important documents in a suitable safe ensures they are safe from unwanted visitors. Also installing indoor cameras allows you to check in on your home when you are out and about. 

The new range of padlocks and bike locks also offer a level of security for your possessions.

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What is National Home Security Month?

Running throughout October, National Home Security Month (NHSM) is an issue-led campaign designed to highlight home security to the UK public and drive demand for security products and installation services.

The initiative offers hints, tips and advice on how people can keep their homes, families and possessions safe as the nights draw in and features weekly themes, each focusing on a different aspect of home security.

A key aim of the NHSM campaign is to push home security to the forefront of people’s minds during the darker winter months; a time of year when statistics traditionally show that crime rates worsen.

The experts at Yale will be on hand to offer valuable advice, exclusive promotions on home security products and social media competition prizes. Each week we will show how various security and products such as smart alarms, smart locks, security cameras, various door locks, safes, padlocks, bike locks and additional security products can help to keep your family, home and contents safe.