Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm: What the Reviews Say.

Yale’s Easy Fit Alarm range are simple-to-install DIY home alarm systems, designed to protect your home and give you additional peace of mind.

And when our Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm kit was tested by renowned website ‘The Test Pit’ this week, the results were fantastic.

The Yale Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm will ring you when triggered, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. The touch screen panel performs all the functions of the standard control panel with the additional feature of alerting you by telephone should the alarm be activated. The system can store up to three telephone numbers, such as your home, mobile and work numbers and will call them in a specified sequence. The telecommunicating alarm can also be activated and deactivated using your touch-tone telephone.

With all these features in mind, the Test Pit were impressed with the alarm, simply saying 'we seriously couldn't believe just how easy this thing was to install, and how relatively inexpensive it is.'

Here’s what else the Test Pit had to say about the Yale alarm:

“Big fans of the security experts Yale, we've really enjoyed testing a few of their kits out; from cleverlocks to clever cameras. But although we feel as safe as houses with their gadgets installed, one thing we've never tried is a full house alarm system - and only because they seem like such a hassle to install. Fortunately Yale have come to the rescue with their aptly named Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm.”

“We'll be honest that the telecommunication element is great, but is by no means the greatest selling point here. Although it offers peace of mind that you would be contacted if the alarm was triggered, the fact that the system is such an easy install is a major factor in getting people to install a burglar alarm in their home in the first place.”

Read the full article here: https://www.thetestpit.com/2015/03/review-yale-easy-fit-telecommunicating.html