Your passport to holiday security

Your holiday has been booked for months, your suitcase is packed, and you’re looking forward to relaxing in the sun; but have you thought about how your home will be looked after while you’re away? And what about those valuable items you’ll take with you on your travels?

Home security specialist Yale offer a range of products that make sorting your holiday security a breeze.

Yale’s Easy Fit SmartPhone Alarm and Easy Fit CCTV kits protect your home and work alongside accompanying free apps, which allow you to monitor the systems while you’re away. So if you’re on the beach and want to check up on your home, it’s just a button away! Better still, if your alarm sounds, your smartphone can receive images captured on the wall-mounted PIR device to show the cause of the trigger, so you can rest assured your home is alert while you’re kicking back.

In order to protect smaller valuable items within your home and reduce the risk of burglary or fraud, Yale recommends using a home safe that is securely bolted to the floor or wall. A home safe can be used to secure expensive jewellery, small electronic gadgets, important documents and gift receipts, as well as items of sentimental value. 

As well as protecting your home when you’re away, Yale offers a number of travel security solutions. If you’re heading to the US, then tighter airline security procedures mean your luggage is more likely to be opened and examined by airport officials. Yale’s range of TSA padlocks and lockable luggage straps offer a special security feature that allows US security personnel to open and re-lock your luggage without causing any damage to your bags.

Yale also offers a handy ‘travel safe’, which is a convenient alternative to hotel safes (that often cost extra), and can be attached to any fixed object in your hotel room or while you’re out and about to keep your belongings safe. The slimline safe is large enough to hold your passport, jewellery and small electrical goods, yet compact enough to take around with you. 

This complete range of security solutions allow you to relax back and enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that you, and your belongings, are safe and secure.

It’s yours. Protect it. Yale it. For more information, please visit, search for /YaleUK on Facebook, or follow @YaleSecurity on Twitter.