For many homeowners the front door is the main entrance to the home, regularly used each and every day. However it is also the most popular point of entry to the home for opportunistic burglars. In fact, ONS research reveals that in the year to March 2020, 76% of domestic burglars in England and Wales accessed the property through a door1.

These frightening statistics confirm the need for homeowners to maintain their home security, especially their front door security. Here, security experts and founder of National Home Security Month, Yale, share their advice on how to keep your front door secure.

Check your locks

First, inspect your front door and check the level of additional security which might be required. If you’ve recently moved into a new property and not yet changed the locks, we would suggest this is one of the first things you should do.

Are your door handles looking old or have they gone ‘floppy’? If they have, it’s time to replace them, as old door hardware can signal to opportunists the security of the home isn’t properly managed.

Another important part of the door to check is the door lock. Lock picking and snapping are common tactics used to gain access to properties and so it’s important to check the type of lock used and how the lock has been fitted. If a lock has been poorly fitted and it sticks out further than the depth of a £1 coin, it can be manipulated and easily snapped.

To keep your door secure, make sure you use a 3-star cylinder which is anti-snap, anti-pull anti-bump and anti-pick. And to ensure it is fitted correctly, use a trusted locksmith to install the door lock professionally, giving you peace of mind that your front door is securely protected.

Smart security has certainly risen in popularity over the past couple of years, and if you’re looking to introduce a smart element to your home, a smart door lock is an effective upgrade to your front door security.

Smart door locks let you lock and unlock your door from anywhere, all through your smartphone. No need for keys, simply unlock your door with your smartphone, key tag, key card or fob. However, a smart lock doesn’t just provide convenience, it also provides a high level of front door security and peace of mind. Look for accreditations, such as the BSI IoT Kitemark, which give you the peace of mind that the lock has been rigorously tested.

And, as research revealed nearly two thirds (64%) of burglaries between April 2019 to March 2020 took place when someone was at home2, it’s essential to keep your door locked when you’re at home, as well as when you’re out.

Keep a watch over it

Another way to keep a check on your front door is by monitoring any unusual activity through a security camera or video doorbell. CCTV and security cameras let you keep a check on your home from anywhere at any time.

Investing in smart products lets you keep a check on your home through your smartphone, ideal for when you’re away on holiday, at work, out for the day with family or on a weekend break. A security camera not only lets you keep a check on your property but also acts as a visual deterrent to opportunistic burglars, as it shows you are up to date with home security measures.

Placing the camera to watch over your front door allows you to see who comes and goes from your home, if you’ve had any deliveries or if there’s any suspicious activity. Choose a camera system which has two-way talk functionality, as this enables you to speak to whoever is on the other side of the camera – ask the delivery driver to leave your delivery in the secret hiding place or tell any unwanted visitors to step away from your property.

With door security playing an essential role in the security of the home, ensure your home, family and possessions are safe and secure by upgrading your front door security this winter.

Want to find out more about front door security? Check out our latest infographic: