With a decade of protecting homes under its belt, National Home Security Month is back to ensure homeowners across the UK are prioritising their home security as autumn approaches.

This year, we will be celebrating the tenth consecutive campaign. National Home Security Month (NHSM) launched on 1st October 2022, with the purpose of driving awareness of the importance of improving your home security as the clocks go back.

Yale, the founder of this national campaign and leading security brand, are joined by an array of supporters and retail partners. Throughout October the team will be offering top tips and advice to help secure properties during the vulnerable dark nights period.

Earlier this year, Yale commissioned a national survey to understand the perceptions of home security  and see how UK homeowners prioritise the protection of their property.

Although Brits have their own unusual tactics to secure their homes, such as keeping a light on when they go out (52%) and leaving on a TV or radio (28%)1, it was in fact revealed that two thirds of Brits haven’t upgraded their home security in the last two years1.

These worrying statistics not only show the weak protection methods homeowners put in place when leaving their property unattended, but also highlights the lack of prioritisation of home security in general.

So, over the next four weeks, we will be sharing top tips and handy advice to protect certain areas of the home and ensure properties across the UK are prepared for the autumn and winter months.

Internal security

According to Yale’s recent research, in 23% of cases, burglars gained access through the front door1, highlighting just how important the protection of this area of the home is to homeowners.

Statistics have revealed that only 1 in 10 Brits change the locks when they move house1, a particularly vulnerable time for opportunists operating in the area. Further to this, only 27% of respondents knew what type of lock they need to prevent lock snapping1, the act of breaking the cylinder of a lock, suggesting the need for more education on the subject.

Throughout October, keep an eye out for advice and information on a range of mechanical products including cylinders, window locks and safes as well as information on the different smart security solutions available for you home.

From indoor security cameras to keep an eye on your valuables from anywhere using a smartphone, to smart door locks that offer convenience and control over your door, smart security is quickly becoming an essential when considering home security upgrades.

External security

We will also be looking at the importance of an outdoor security update as the clocks go back.

The outside of our home offers the perfect space for a first line of defence against criminals. This is why an outdoor security upgrade is such an essential part of your home security protection.

External security products that are well worth the investment include smart alarms, security lighting and security cameras. Working as effective visual deterrents, alarms, lighting and security cameras not only help to keep the burglars at bay, but with smart versions available, homeowners can now even monitor and protect their home remotely.

And it’s also important not to forget the more traditional methods of external home protection. If you’re heading out and about to enjoy the festivities of the season, it’s worth asking your neighbours to keep an eye on your property, looking out for any suspicious activity in the area. Encouragingly 85% of Brits revealed that they would watch over a neighbour’s house while they’re away, even if they weren’t asked to1, so this effective home protection method is something homeowners should keep in mind to improve security this autumn.

Alongside this though, the statistics have revealed that only 20% of Brits have invested in security cameras and only 18% utilise the many benefits of an alarm system1, showcasing the general lack of outdoor security measures used by UK homeowners.

Yale will also be celebrating 10 years of National Home Security Month by offering 20% off the entire Yale Store* from 1-16th October, ensuring that you can upgrade your home security for less this autumn.

For more information and handy tips and advice from this year’s National Home Security Month from Yale, visit www.homesecuritymonth.com or search #NHSM2022 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.