Moving to University: 3 tips to keep your belongings safe

Security might not be top of the list when heading to University but it is something all students should consider. Moving to a new city with a lot of new people is exciting, so remove any worry from the milestone by feeling secure when you’re at home in your new digs.  

Here are some quick & easy tips to help you feel more secure when moving away: 

1. Keep watch over your tech with smart cameras: 

University halls and dorms are busy places with people coming and going all the time. It’s hard to maintain security of busy buildings so it’s wise to take extra care in securing your space. A small indoor camera can give peace of mind. The Yale Indoor WiFi Camera allows for live streaming from anywhere and sends sound detection alerts via the Yale View App. There are no monthly subscription payments so it’s ideal for students who want to keep an eye on their dorm room when they’re not there.   

2. Keep your tech secure so your Uni work is safe: 

Most students invest in decent tech before heading off to Uni, and its likely your new laptop contains a lot of important work on it! A simple solution to ensure no one else is tempted to claim it for their own is a personal safe. Small, but sturdy, a Laptop Safe will keep all gadgets, passports, documents, and any cash, secure. Easy to access via a customisable 3 to 8 digit PIN code, they also come with 2 spare keys in case of a forgotten PIN.   

3. Protect your bike so you can continue to travel for free: 

According to police reports, roughly one bike is stolen every 7 minutes in the UK. The actual number is thought to be double that as approximately 50% of people don’t report bike theft to the police. Worryingly, popular University towns such as Cambridge, York and Oxford rank highest on the theft location list!* 

Yale Bike Locks are designed to keep your bicycle safe; we recommend the Yale Maximum Security Chain and Lock. Made from 10mm Titanium enforced hexagonal hardened steel chain and featuring a four-point heavy duty cross bar – this lock provides maximum pull protection. 

4. Bonus tip!

Adding name stickers or marking your valuable items with a unique identifier is a good idea. There will be many similar laptops, phones etc around in dorms and lecture rooms so having a way to easily identify your belongings is helpful in case of loss/ theft. Alternatively, keeping a note of serial numbers for expensive items such as computers etc can help in case of your name tag coming off.  

Security measures are most effective when used regularly so getting into the habit of securing your space and property from the start of the university journey is best practice.  
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