Ask an expert: Everything you need to know before purchasing a Smart Camera or Video Doorbell

Smart cameras and video doorbells are a great security investment for any home, but trying to sort through the wave of options available on the market can feel like a daunting task.


Whether you are a smart security newbie, someone who loves to research before purchasing, or just a person seeking the best quality devices, Yale is here to help! Here is our list of smart camera essentials that any great security camera or smart doorbell should possess to best protect your home.

Tip #1: Look for great video quality

First, when it comes to both smart home cameras and wireless video doorbells, strong video quality is essential. You should purchase a camera with a video resolution of 1080p or higher as this will better capture any essential details should the footage need to be reviewed including facial features, clothing, details on cars etc., as well as look better on any screen bigger than a smartphone.


However, the quality of the video isn’t the only factor you should consider before buying. A high field of vision and strong night vision are also essential to keeping your home as safe as possible. All of the new Yale Smart Cameras and the Yale Smart Video Doorbell have a crisp 1080p Full HD image quality, the indoor camera boasts a 110° field of view, and both the outdoor camera and video doorbell include a 154° view and night vision for a clear view that requires less cameras surrounding your home. The outdoor camera also features colour night vision and a spotlight, to both improve video quality at night and deter any unwanted visitors to your home.

Tip #2: Storage and viewing options are important

Storage and the ability to easily view any footage captured by your smart security camera is the next most important step to explore. We recommend looking for cameras or video doorbells with decent local & cloud storage options so that you can keep any footage for an extended length of time in case it needs to be reviewed at a later date. Any device that provides easy viewing through an app is also a bonus.


Easy to install and operate, our new Smart Camera range and Smart Video Doorbell allows you to control and monitor your home security from the palm of your hand using the Yale Home app - no matter where you are. With the Yale Home app, you can gain access to live footage from anywhere and receive notifications in real-time. The camera range and doorbell provide you with the possibility to record videos or capture images for review 24/7 from your smartphone, which adds another level of security and peace of mind. Cloud storage options are also available to you as part of a subscription service.

Tip #3: Smart detection will make your system easier to manage

What we’ve covered so far has been the basics, but you don’t just want your camera to provide basic detection, you want it to do more. Motion detection to trigger recording, customised detection zones, and the use of AI can all make security simple for you as a user.


Our entire camera range, as well as the video doorbell, feature motion-triggered recording, to ensure that nothing gets missed once motion is detected anywhere within your home and garden. Thanks to built-in AI technology within the cameras and video doorbell, you can enable human detection and customisable zones at no additional cost. With customisable detection zones for both our indoor and outdoor smart cameras, you can define specific areas you want your camera to cover, such as your neighbour's driveway to provide them with privacy while still protecting essential areas of your home. Advanced AI features including pet, vehicle and package detection are also available through a subscription service, to ensure that you never miss a delivery again or be sent a million trigger notifications from your pets being active around the house.

Tip #4: Interconnectivity is important

You should finish your search for the perfect camera or smart doorbell by asking yourself some questions related to how you might use these devices daily. These questions could include: Can you control these devices using smart assistants? Can they work together easily? How can I interact with them?. These questions can help you build a list of “wants” to more specifically determine what you need from your cameras.


Our Smart cameras and video doorbells are designed to work as part of a larger ecosystem. With the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem, when the new Yale Smart Alarm sensor is triggered, the cameras will start recording to ensure that you never miss a moment of the action should an incident occur. You can also easily check who is at the door using the video doorbell and if safe, unlock your Yale Smart Lock using the Yale Home app to let them in. The outdoor camera and video doorbell also feature two-way audio talk, so you can interact with people on your doorstep without needing to go outside. The entire camera and doorbell range is also compatible with and can be controlled using popular voice assistants. To create a connected, easy-to-manage smart security ecosystem within your home. Our Indoor Camera is also designed to work with the Yale Smart Alarm, to allow you to set your camera to go into privacy mode the moment you disarm your alarm, to grant you peace of mind and enhanced levels of privacy. Finally, you can enable recording for both your Indoor and Outdoor Cameras when sensors on your Smart Alarm are triggered, for a smarter, safer house.

To find the perfect smart camera or smart doorbell for your home check out our Yale range of smart devices today.