Ask an expert: Questions you need to ask before purchasing a Smart Alarm System

Investing in a smart house alarm is often seen as the easiest, and most convenient way to secure your home. However, with so many options on the market, it is important to ask several key questions before purchasing.


Yale is here to help! Here is our list of the most important questions to consider when searching for the perfect smart security alarm to protect your home

Question #1: How easy is the alarm to set up and control?

Installation for your smart home alarm system depends on two factors, how comfortable you are with technology and how intricate the system itself is. Many of the security systems you will currently find on the market come with DIY installation, including pre-configured equipment and clear instructions. All you have to do is hook up the sensors and connect them to your Wi-Fi.


Our Yale Smart Alarm is one of these systems! Easy to set up and use, with hassle-free installation thanks to Wifi or Ethernet connectivity the alarm is designed to provide you with greater control of your home security straight out of the box. The Smart Alarm is fully controllable using the Yale Home app, which gives you security, convenience, and peace of mind at the touch of a button. Through the app, you can monitor your alarm in real-time and arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world. Real-time notifications sent directly to your phone will also help to keep you constantly updated on your security status, and geo-fence technology within the alarm will remind you to arm/disarm your alarm whenever you approach or leave the house for added convenience.

Question #2: How much of the property can the alarm protect?

Security needs vary from household to household and depend on what you're trying to protect yourself against. One of the most important aspects of a smart alarm system is ensuring that every inch of your home will be properly protected. Our Yale is designed to protect larger homes and properties, including gardens and outbuildings thanks to Perimeter security.


A full range of accessories, including outdoor sensors, smoke sensors and internal / external sirens can also be added to the Smart Alarm and the alarm is also interoperable with other Yale smart devices. To create a more comprehensive security system designed to specifically suit your needs.


The Smart Alarm is the first line of defence against any intruder, detecting and preventing potential incidents on a property thanks to Yale Horizon+. This secure wireless protocol provides the smart alarm and devices with a 1km range as well as longer battery life to ensure constant protection.


You can also manage security for multiple properties from one account using the Yale Home app. If you are looking for flexibility in your home security, you can arm/disarm/part arm 4 distinct areas within your home within the app. This feature makes it easy to arm downstairs if you are working from home in an upstairs office or to help you protect the garage when you are in the house. To ensure your property is safe at all times, even when you are inside.

Question #3: What level of monitoring is provided?

Once you are sure that your entire property will be covered, you will need to determine what level of monitoring you desire, and how much control you want to have over your system. Most DIY security systems on the market let you self-monitor the footage or data from cameras and motion sensors. Through the Yale Home app, you can monitor your Yale Smart Alarm in real-time, with smart alerts sent directly to your phone the moment the alarm sensors are triggered. For an easy-to-manage level of home protection.


A more costly, but responsive option is professional monitoring. Our Yale Smart Alarm offers several advanced features as part of the subscription plan. Under this plan, you can gain access to several features including Cellular Communication to ensure your system is always connected even when the internet is down, and Automated Call Alerts, which allows you to nominate up to three people to receive an automated phone call in the event of an alarm activation. Professional monitoring* through a third party is also available for added layers of security and peace of mind.


*Professional monitoring is only available in selected regions.

Question #4: Can you add cameras or integrate other devices?

The best smart home security systems will be part of a compatible ecosystem and can easily work with third-party devices. The Smart Alarm is seamlessly interoperable with the entire Yale Smart Security Ecosystem, including the new Smart Camera Range and Smart Video Doorbell, as well as the Smart Storage range, and the Smart Gate and Garage opener, using the intuitive Yale Home app. The alarm can also be controlled using leading voice assistants for higher levels of user convenience. The smart ecosystem allows you to monitor and control the security of your home using one account from the palm of your hand in one app for added convenience.


Integrations with Yale Cameras, as part of the Yale Smart Ecosystem, permit smarter monitoring as outdoor cameras will record the moment alarm sensors are triggered. These integrations can also provide greater levels of convenience as the Yale Smart Indoor Camera, when paired with the Yale Smart Alarm, can be programmed to go into Privacy mode. This means that when you return home after a long day at work, your indoor camera will automatically go into privacy mode the moment you disarm your alarm.


When paired with a Yale Smart Lock, the auto unlock feature can be activated using geo-fence technology, to unlock your door the moment the lock senses your phone near. Integrations with a smart lock will also allow you to disarm the alarm the moment you unlock your door, or record and verify who comes through the door using the indoor camera. To provide greater peace of mind, smarter home automation, and smoother home routines.

To find the perfect smart security alarm for your home check out our Yale range of smart devices today.