Spring into peace of mind with the new Yale Smart Security Ecosystem

Spring is a time to start fresh and enrich both your mental and physical health. Having a safe and secure home provides the foundation for peace of mind, allowing you to better focus on your fitness goals for the upcoming summer season.


Our Yale Smart Security Ecosystem helps to guarantee this feeling of security and simplifies the process of protecting your home. This in turn can help you fully devote yourself to your fitness journey without worry! Here are a few examples of how our devices can help you spring into fitness while also securing your peace of mind.

Create your sanctuary

We believe that there is a strong connection between feeling secure in your living environment and having the freedom to engage in outdoor and indoor physical activities to achieve a healthy and fit body. Our devices will cover all aspects of your home security, turning your home into a sanctuary of safety.


Create your own haven of safety by protecting your house using the new Yale Smart Security Ecosystem. The ecosystem allows you to easily secure your gates, garage doors, outbuildings and both the inside and outside of your home, thanks to a connected ecosystem of devices all controlled by a single app, the Yale Home app.


Looking for a simpler way to guarantee both your privacy and home safety? Both our Yale Indoor and Outdoor Smart Cameras can be set to record while you are away, and the Indoor Camera is designed to work with the Yale Smart Alarm, this means that as soon as you return home and disarm your alarm, your camera will automatically go into privacy mode, ensuring privacy when at home and security when out. 

Meet your fitness goals

Find the perfect companion for your workouts with our Yale Smart Security Ecosystem. Our Smart Security Devices enable a simpler security experience to keep your home safe so you can better enjoy your physical activities!


Are you often worried about carrying or losing keys while out for a run? This fear can place unnecessary stress on an activity that should help to centre you, keyless access can help to ease those worries instantly. Linus® L2 features an auto-unlocking feature that will allow your door to unlock for you as soon as the lock senses your phone nearby. The door will also auto-lock behind you, so you never have to worry about if you’ve left your house unlocked ever again.


Avoid the need for keys and create a smoother entrance experience when returning home from the gym with the Linus® L2 and the new Yale Dot®. Our Yale Dot® accessory offers convenient keyless access using NFC technology that allows you to tap your phone to lock and unlock your doors. This means that you could place a Yale Dot® on a stairwell of your building and tap it when returning home to avoid having to fumble for keys or search for them at the bottom of a gym bag.

Improve your daily life

Our smart ecosystem allows you to monitor and control the security of your home using one account from the palm of your hand in one app for added convenience. The devices within the ecosystem are designed to seamlessly work together to improve your daily lives by making your home security simple.


If you’re working out at the gym and get a call because guests have arrived at your home early, or because a family member has forgotten their keys, you can avoid the stress of rushing and leaving early with the help of the ecosystem. You can easily check who is at the door using our Yale Smart Video Doorbell and if safe, unlock your Yale Smart Lock using the Yale Home app to let them in, which will also disarm your Yale Smart Alarm to avoid any unnecessary triggers.

Discover how the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem can benefit your daily life and fitness journey!