What can the Yale Home app do? Here are the key features to help you easily control your smart home

Knowing what’s happening at home from anywhere at any time, has never been more important. While enjoying time with friends and family, time away, or while you are at work a series of questions might be constantly running through your mind including Who has access to my home? Have I set the alarm? Who is at the front door? Have I locked your garage? This constant worry risks placing your entire life on hold, luckily all these fears can be addressed with the help of an app that connects your entire home!

With our innovative ecosystem, you can start with one device, and build your home security system by adding more devices, according to your needs. You can then manage multiple devices from one location, eliminating the need to deal with multiple smartphone apps for different products! Here are some examples of how our Yale Home app can help make your smart home security simple

Control all your devices from one account

The most important thing a smart home security app can provide is quick and easy control over all the devices within your smart home. This has never been simpler thanks to the smarter design and innovative features of our Smart Security Ecosystem coupled with the Yale Home app.

Our entire Yale Smart Security Ecosystem, including the Linus® Smart Lock, Yale Smart Alarm, Smart Camera Range and Smart Video Doorbell, as well as the Smart Storage range, and the Smart Gate and Garage Opener, are designed to be easily controlled using a single app, the Yale Home app.

The intuitive Yale Home app will send notifications directly to your phone whenever something triggers the sensors on your cameras or Smart Alarm, someone unlocks/locks your door using Linus®, or opens/closes your gate or garage using the Smart Opener. You can also access a live Full HD video feed within the app from the Yale Indoor and Outdoor Cameras and the Smart Video Doorbell to ensure everything is alright at home.

The app will provide you with a detailed activity feed, to see when your doors have been accessed using the Linus®, your Smart storage has been opened, or your gates have been accessed using our Smart Opener. You can also get a detailed view of whenever your cameras have been triggered and review events captured by cameras.

Set up a personalised security system experience

A smart security app can go beyond simple control, it can help you to program your smart home devices around your lifestyle, to help you create a security experience perfectly tailored to your daily routine.

For a more convenient and personal security experience, the Linus® Smart Lock now allows you to set your lock to lock at a certain time. For example, in the evening you can set all of the smart locks in your house to lock, meaning that you can be certain that the house has automatically made itself secure when you go to bed at night, for ultimate peace of mind.

Other examples of a more tailored security experience within the ecosystem include the ability to set up 4 unique areas using the Smart Alarm within the app, so you could arm the upstairs and garage of your home while you relax downstairs. You can also monitor and control the security of multiple properties with a Yale Smart Alarm using one account, all easily managed from the Yale home app.

As part of the Ecosystem, you can grant permanent or temporary access remotely using one single code for Linus®, your Smart opener, Smart Safe, and Smart Cabinet Lock using the Yale Home app. This scenario would be ideal if you were hosting a vacation rental, as it would allow you to easily grant access to guests to any safe, cabinet, and doors, then easily revoke access for all once their stay is complete

A subscription plan can be set up for the Smart Cameras, Video Doorbell and Smart Alarm. Additional AI features, as well as Cloud recording options, are available for the Smart Cameras and Smart Doorbell. With the Smart Alarm subscription, you can enjoy third-party monitoring, Automated Call Alerts, and Cellular Backup. These additional subscriptions will help you to create a more personalised security experience and can all be set up directly from the app.

Create integrations for a smoother security experience

Are you looking to create a smoother smart home security experience for yourself and the entire family? This can be easily achieved thanks to handy integrations that can be set up within our Yale Home app.

With the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem, when your Yale Smart Alarm sensor is triggered, the cameras will start recording to ensure that you never miss a moment of the action should an incident occur. You can also easily check who is at the door using the video doorbell and if safe, unlock your Yale Smart Lock using the Yale Home app to let them in.

The Smart Camera range and Smart Video Doorbell also come with built-in AI capabilities to enable human detection, as well as other features including customisable zones, for no additional cost. With customisable detection zones, you can define specific areas you want your camera to cover to reduce the levels of triggers sent to your phone. Our Indoor Camera is also designed to work with the Yale Smart Alarm, to allow you to set your camera to go into privacy mode the moment you disarm your alarm, to grant you peace of mind and enhanced levels of privacy.

Interoperability with leading voice assistants and smart home brands is also possible within the entire ecosystem using a single smart home app.

Discover everything the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem has to offer all powered by the intuitive Yale Home app!