The best smart home devices for renters

You might think that renting means you can’t enjoy all the benefits of a smart home, but you would be wrong! There are plenty of smart devices you can invest in that offer you the security and convenience of smart security, without putting your security deposit at risk. And the best part is you can take them with you when you move or if you finally set down permanent roots! Here is our list of the best Yale Smart Security devices for renters within our Yale Smart Security Ecosystem.  

Linus® Smart Lock

Do you need to leave spare sets of keys out for people often as a renter? Remove the need for a lockbox and create a smoother, more secure entry experience to your apartment/rented home with the help of keyless access using a Yale Smart Lock!

The Linus® Smart Lock offers an easy installation experience right out of the box. The smart lock is designed to adapt to most cylinders/locks and can be quickly mounted on your door with no modifications needed and removed without leaving any marks making it perfect for bringing the magic of keyless access to renters! With Linus® you can easily lock/unlock your doors without needing to keep track of any keys and share virtual keys with friends, family, trusted individuals, and landlords for full control over your home access. A Yale Smart Lock is the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase the security of their rental home or apartment as notifications will be sent to your phone when the door has been accessed, along with a detailed access feed that can be viewed in the Yale Home app.

Accessories such as the Yale Smart Keypad, or the new Yale Dot® can be added to enjoy a more secure and convenient experience when locking and unlocking your home. With Linus® Smart Lock, you can tap the Yale Dot® with your phone to unlock or lock the door. For example, you can place a Yale Dot® on the stairwell and open the lock as you arrive on your floor for even more convenience.

For additional convenience, you can also install a Yale Smart Video Doorbell, to allow you to see who is at the door within the app and then let trusted guests into your home with Linus®. Our video doorbell is easy to install and doesn’t require hardwiring, so you can enjoy the benefits of a smart doorbell without installing something permanent in your rented home. 

Yale Smart Indoor Camera

As a renter, sometimes it feels like you have limited control over the security of your home, particularly in an apartment building. Investing in a Yale Smart Camera for the inside of your home can help you keep an eye on your belongings and pets from anywhere in the world for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Easy to install and operate, our new Smart Indoor Camera allows you to control and monitor your home security, access live footage and receive notifications in real-time within the intuitive Yale Home app. The camera lets you record videos or capture images for review 24/7 from your smartphone. Thanks to built-in AI technology you can enable human detection at no additional cost, and advanced AI features including pet detection, as well as cloud storage options are also available through a subscription service, to avoid being sent a million trigger notifications from your pets being active around the house and provide you with back-up footage options. Our Indoor Camera is also designed to work with the Yale Smart Alarm as part of the Yale Smart Security Ecosystem. This means that if your home is protected by our alarm, you can set your camera to go into privacy when you disarm it. To grant you peace of mind and enhanced levels of privacy.

Yale Smart Alarm

A fundamental aspect of home security is investing in an alarm system, but if you are renting you might think that these benefits are not available to you as many systems are wired and permanent installations. Our Yale Smart Alarm is the perfect solution! Easy to set up and use, with hassle-free installation thanks to Wifi or Ethernet connectivity the alarm is designed to provide you with greater control of your home security straight out of the box.

A full range of accessories, including smoke sensors, indoor motion sensors and internal sirens can also be added to the Smart Alarm, which can be attached with double tape and doesn’t need to be screwed into the walls. The hub and keypad can be wall or table-mounted which means you can enjoy enhanced home protection without risking your security deposit.

The Smart Alarm is fully controllable using the Yale Home app, which gives you security, convenience, and peace of mind at the touch of a button. Through the app, you can monitor your alarm in real time and arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world. Real-time notifications sent directly to your phone will also help to keep you constantly updated on your security status, and geo-fence technology within the alarm will remind you to arm/disarm your alarm whenever you approach or leave the house for added convenience. The alarm is also interoperable with other Yale smart devices, creating a more comprehensive security system designed to suit your specific needs.

Discover more about our entire Yale Smart Security Ecosystem and find the perfect device for you as a renter today!