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Getting started with Yale Digital Door Viewer

Here you can find the answers how to Getting Started with Yale Digital Door Viewer.


  • How to Install: Yale Digital Door Viewer

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  • Yale Digital Door Viewer - Advanced Settings

    Make adjustments to your Yale Digital Door Viewer's capabilities using Advanced Settings. Access the Advanced Settings associated with your View Doorbell Cam by following the steps below:

    • Select Doorbell Settings on the HOUSE SETTINGS screen associated with your Doorbell.
    • Move Power Savings Mode toggle to the OFF position.
    • Select Advanced Settings

    Within the Advanced settings screen you can adjust the following functionality of your Yale Digital Door Viewer Cam:

    • Motion Sensitivity - Motion Sensitivity controls the amount of movement necessary within the Doorbell Cameras field of view to trigger a Motion Alert and video recording. You can adjust the sensitivity slider up or down: 0 is the least sensitive; 100 is the most sensitive.
    • Streaming Quality- Changes the resolution of the video stream that is captured by the Yale Digital Door Viewer Cam:
      • Good - Sets the camera resolution to 480 x 640 pixels
      • Better - Sets the camera resolution to 720 x 960 pixels
      • Best - Sets the camera resolution to 1440 x 1920 pixels
    • Auto Night Vision - This toggle turns automatic night vision mode on or off. Night vision mode uses an infrared sensor and LEDs to capture video streams in low light conditions.
    • Night Vision Brightness - Controls the brightness of the infrared LEDs. Increasing the brightness of the LEDs increases the distance of objects from the Yale Digital Door Viewer Camera that can be captured in low light conditions. We recommend “Low” or “Medium” settings as they are more than sufficient to illuminate most Doorsteps.

    PLEASE NOTE: Changing values in the Advanced Settings page can have an impact on the View Doorbell Cam battery life. For instance: Setting “Motion Sensitivity” to 80%, or “Night Vision Brightness” to “High” draw more battery than lower-level settings.