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Troubleshooting Yale Linus® Smart Lock L2

Troubleshooting FAQ

  • How do I Factory Reset my lock?

    A factory reset erases all guest and owner data from your lock, restoring it back to its original, out-of-the-box settings. It also removes the lock from any owner or guest keychains that it is affiliated with.

    If there is a Yale Smart Keypad paired with the lock, the Keypad must be disconnected before factory resetting the lock. This article provides instructions to disconnect a Yale Smart Keypad.

    Factory reset instructions

    Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your lock:

    1. On your phone, open the Yale Home App and go to the lock circle screen, which is the screen that shows you whether your door is locked or unlocked.
    2. Select the Settings menu (gear icon bottom right of the lock status screen).
    3. Select the device you wish to reset.
    4. Scroll to factory reset which will be under Utilities.
    5. Select "Reset Lock".

    These steps should restore your lock to its factory settings. 

    If you attempt a factory reset when you’re not connected to Bluetooth, you will receive a "Trouble Connecting to Lock" notification. If possible, try factory resetting the next time you are in Bluetooth range. If you have moved and you are unable to factory reset while in Bluetooth range of the lock, select "Reset Anyway" when you receive the notification.

    Pre-Owned Devices

    If you are not the original lock owner because you acquired a previously-owned Smart Lock, you will be notified when trying to add the lock to your Yale Home account, you may trigger a request to the previously linked owner from the Yale Home app, the previous owner will be informed that a new owner wants to the access and setup the lock, please allow up to 30 days for the previous owner to grant permission. If you are not granted permission by the previous lock owner after 30 days, please contact customer support here.

  • I need to reset a previously owned device?

    Previously-owned Yale Smart Locks need to be factory reset before they can be set up by a new owner. If you tried setting up a previously-owned device that was not factory reset before you acquired it, Yale needs permission from the previous owner to factory reset the device on their behalf.

    It may take up to 30 days for the previous owner to respond to your request. If you purchased the lock directly from a person or 3rd party seller, you may wish to contact them and ask them to reset the device in order to expedite the process. Once the device has been factory reset, you will receive a notification to continue setting up the device.

    If you purchased the device from a retailer, please contact them about an exchange.

  • I received a request to factory reset my lock?

    If you received an email requesting to reset a device you used to own, it means that someone is requesting permission to reset a lock that is currently registered under your account. To grant them permission, select YES.

    By accepting the request, you as an owner of the device are giving Yale the permission to factory reset the lock. This means you will be giving up ownership of the lock and accept that once the lock is reset, all existing users will lose access to it.

    PLEASE NOTE: The request expires after 30 days.

  • Trouble connecting to Lock

    This question has its own page. Click here to read full answer.

  • How to improve WiFi and Bluetooth signals for Yale Connect WiFi Bridge

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  • I'm recieiving false battery alerts?

    Once a lock’s battery reaches 20% capacity, a low-battery notification appears on your phone’s screen. You may wish to recharge the battery when you first see this notification. If you don’t recharge the battery at this time, you will receive daily emails and push notifications as the battery approaches a critical level. Should you receive these notifications, it is imperative that you recharge the battery. After fully recharging the battery, operate your lock 3 times using the Yale Home App. This should reset the battery level on our server to stop the low-battery alerts until the next time the battery reaches 20% capacity.

    PLEASE NOTE: You must operate the lock over Bluetooth or remotely via WiFi. Operating your lock manually will not stop the low-battery notifications.

    If the app continues to report a low battery 24 hours after recharging the battery and operating the lock via the app, please reach out to your regional Customer Support to confirm whether the alert you are receiving is false or if there’s something else causing the batteries to drain rapidly. Our Customer Support team will assist you with the next steps.

  • I have forgotten my user / account password for the Yale Home app?

    You can reset your password from the Yale Home app login screen by choosing the 'Forgot Password menu'.

    Alternatively, via the online account management portal link here 

  • What do I do if the Yale Home App says the lock is unlocked when it’s actually locked?

    If the Yale Home App shows that your lock is locked when it’s really unlocked (and vice versa), chances are it needs to be re-calibrated. Please initiate re-calibration from the settings tab in your Yale Home app. You must be within Bluetooth range of the lock to re-calibrate it.

    PLEASE NOTE: Incorrect lock status may also happen if the lock is being setup or tested on a flat surface.

  • Troubleshooting DoorSense

    DoorSense™ is Yale Home’s newest feature and technology that lets you know the status of your door. With DoorSense, you have peace of mind via the Yale Home Application that your door is either open or closed. Click here to view our troubleshooting article.