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Great News!

Your door is compatible with Conexis® L2 Smart Lock 

Easy Installation

Send Virtual Keys

Encrypted Bluetooth technology

Works with Leading Voice Assistants

Battery Powered

  • What is a virtual key?

    You can send virtual keys so that friends and family members can gain access to your home, even if you are not around. Once you have granted access to a user, you can manage who can enter your property by disabling or deleting users through the Yale Home App. Virtual keys can be scheduled or made permanent for ultimate control of your home.

  • What happens if my internet goes down?

    Should your internet connectivity go down, you can still operate your Conexis L1 Smart Lock via the App, providing you are standing in front of the door. This is because the smart door lock uses Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile device, so does not solely rely on Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • What happens if the batteries run flat?

    You will be alerted in advance if the batteries are running low. This will give you the opportunity to replace them before they run out of charge. Should the batteries be drained, there is a 9v battery connection port on the external side of the Conexis® L2 Smart Lock, which can be used to power the lock to gain entry using one of your credentials to your property – via your Yale Virtual Key, Key Tag, Key Card or Phone Tag.

    In the event that you have had to gain access to the entry via the 9v battery override, you will be required to replace your current batteries with 4 x AA alkaline batteries. It is not possible to use rechargeable batteries with the Conexis® L2 Smart Lock in Black as rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage.

  • What is the battery life of the Conexis® L2 Smart Lock?

    Based on average usage, the battery life is expected to last for approximately 1-year. The smart lock will play an audible tune as a ‘low battery’ warning when the batteries are approaching expiration. To check the current battery level, this can be found under the ‘settings’ section of the Yale Home App.

  • Is this smart door lock as secure as a traditional lock?

    Yes. The Yale Conexis® L2 Smart Lock meets the latest BSI IoT Kitemark. To achieve this new standard, the lock has undergone rigorous testing including quality, durability and physical attack testing. It has also undergone electronic manipulation and assessments, designed to test the electronic security of the smart lock to ensure it’s secure against any advanced hacking methods.

    Fun Fact: The Yale Conexis® L2 Smart Lock was the very first lock to be British Kitemark approved.

  • How do I install my Conexis® L2 Smart Lock?

    We offer professional Yale Smart Door Lock Installation however if you would prefer to install this lock yourself, please follow the manual that is included in your smart door lock kit. Alternatively, you can watch our ‘how to install’ tutorial here.

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