Works with

Yale Linus® Smart lock works in harmony with some of your favourite smart home brands to make life more simple and secure.

Linus® Smart Lock is Apple HomeKit enabled, allowing you to control your door and set up scenes via the Apple Home app. Ask Siri to lock and unlock your door using your voice via your iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple HomePod or any Apple device. Easy setup makes your door smart and secure.

Get total control via your Google Home speaker or smartphone app. Lock your door using your voice*, check the status of your door and even have your Linus® Smart Lock communicate with other smart devices.
* Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required.

Our Linus® Smart Lock also works with Alexa. Use your Echo and Alexa-compatible devices to unlock your door (using a PIN), lock it securely and check the status of your Smart Lock at any time.
* Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required.


Forget the hassle of keys under flowerpots or behind rocks. Let Linus® make you a better host and have the freedom to let in guests from wherever, whenever. Connect your Linus® Smart Lock to your Airbnb account for a smarter hosting process. Grant date-specific virtual guest keys and provide housekeepers and handymen secure access without the need for you to physically be there. Intelligent guest and property management frees up your time to focus on what’s important to you.


By pairing your Philips Hue smart lights with Yale smart locks, you can feel even safer at home. Let your lights respond to your lock — they turn off as you lock the door ready to settle into bed for the night or turn on as you unlock the door when arriving at home after work. Share access to your home with trusted friends and family, so they get the same warm welcome home as you do. 


Unlock a world of possibilities and be in full control of your smart home security with Yale and Homey. Homey is an integrated Smart Home hub that links to smart devices from leading brands like Fibaro, Sonos, Somfy, tado°, Samsung, Philips Hue, and now, Yale! With the Yale Access app for Homey, simply manage these devices from your phone, tablet, or web browser and enjoy full connectivity as you go about your day.


Get 24/7 security by combining your Linus® Smart Lock, the Yale Wi-Fi Connect Bridge, and Zipato®. With the Zipato® app, you can program Linus® to lock and unlock at specific times, send text, video, or photo notifications to your phone when someone enters your home, and even set your alarm to disarm when you return home.