Yale Smart Locks win the Black Country Chamber of Commerce “Innovation Award.”

Congratulations to Yale for winning the Black Country Chamber of Commerce “Innovation Award.” The award was given to the company that bests uses technology to enhance staff and customer experience, whilst developing in terms of innovation, business growth and employee training.

We put our Keyless and Keyfree Smart Locks forward as a presentation of why we should win the prestigious prize.  

The Yale Smart Locks are part of the Smart Living range. Customers can use the Keyless and Keyfree as standalone technology or as a connected Yale Smart Home security system. Our Smart Locks can even integrate with other Smart Home systems, including Samsung SmartThings, giving you total freedom to tailor your security requirements.

The finalists included Oosha Ltd and Sandwell Council, but the judges thought that our Key-less technology was the best presentation of technology that enhanced our lives.

 Find out more about of Smart Locks here.